Let us draw a trajectory of N steps of an approximation to the Wiener Process in three dimensions.

Below, a blue thin line is a trajectory and the total displacement is shown with red thick line.

Line takes data as an array of coordinates [number_of_points,3].

import numpy as np
import k3d
plot = k3d.plot(name='Wiener process')
N = 1000
traj = np.cumsum(np.random.randn(N,3).astype(np.float32),axis=0)
plt_line = k3d.line(traj, shader='mesh', width=0.5)
plt_line2 = k3d.line([traj[0],traj[-1]],shader='mesh', width=.5, color=0xff0000)
plot += plt_line
plot += plt_line2
[ ]: